Our Pastor

The pastor of the Church of Our Lord, Fr. Harold L. Trott, SSC, is a native of Albuquerque. He attended the public schools and received his B.A. and M.A. from the University of New Mexico. For many years, he was bi-vocational as both a teacher at Lincoln Junior High School and Rio Grande High School and an active pastor. It was at Rio Grande High School that he began to know and love the people of the South Valley. He has lived in the South Valley for the past thirteen years. 

As of 19 August 2020, our pastor will have served in Holy Orders for fifty-eight years. He taught Old Testament and New Testament and served as Dean of the School of Ministry of the Diocese of the Rio Grande. Because of the departure of the Episcopal Diocese of the Rio Grande from respecting the authority and teachings of Sacred Scripture and teachings of orthodox Christianity in faith and living for the past two thousand years, he became part of the Anglican Church in North America. He is a priest in the Society of the Holy Cross and a life-member of Forward in Faith North America. He is also an enthusiastic and active participant of the Faith-Life Fellowship (Lutheran) and a contributor to their periodical, Faith-Life

Fr. Trott also did pastoral counseling at the Memorial Psychiatric Hospital from 1989 through 1994 where he helped the patients as a group leader in the areas of addiction and personal and family issues. 

Our pastor is firmly committed to the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ, to historic Christianity, seeks always to “speaks the truth in love.” Under his leadership, Church of Our Lord does not “bash” any type of orthodox Christianity of any jurisdiction or denomination. Instead, we positively teach the wonder of Jesus Christ and His Gospel. Always approachable, our pastor is genuinely concerned for every person for whom Christ died and seeks to be a friend to all.

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